Thursday, December 4, 2014

This is it!

This has been an incredibly busy week for S-STEM.  Making final touches on my project for the semester, finishing my research paper, and rushing to get my powerpoint done for an early presentation this morning has made for a challenging week.  Anyways, last night my team and I finished applying the Mylar sheeting to the parabolic concentrator.  It was too cloudy yesterday to determine any sort of efficiency that our parabolic concentrator has.  We will be investigating this more tomorrow, depending on the condition of the sky.  Steam generation will also be the goal for tomorrow's efforts.

This afternoon was the first round of powerpoint presentations.  It was great seeing what Matt Hill as been up to all semester, as well as a presentation from one of the new guys and his determining of an unknown bacteria.

This will be my last semester in S-STEM, I will still continue to blog about my parabolic concentrator next semester.

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